Creating value

In this volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) technological world your organization is constantly challenged to meet customer’s needs. The pressure to generate a higher output at the lowest possible cost increases. In addition to recruiting talent, training and retaining staff is also an important objective. This often requires creative and sustainable tailor-made solutions in setting up your organization and how business processes are (re)designed.

As a business consultant and facilitator I guide managers, who struggle with organizational (change) issues in a complex work environment. Using robust agile methods such as Agile, Prince II, Kanban and Lean6Sigma, I analyze the challenges the organization faces. Followed up by an action plan aligned to your company strategy and values so that ambitions can be realized efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, it is also important to get employees moving by training them in accordance with the core values of your company and let them adopt a growth mindset.

Why your value matters
The way you spend your money matters! So make it count with high quality products and services and a company that cares. From optimizing business processes and customer journeys, developing new revenue models to personal coaching, a’Dhoré is your partner in providing customized business solutions and improve performance at work.