Path of discovery

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ∼ Marcel Proust

a’Dhoré is a journey that values customized solution, embraces growth, and delights in creativity and quality. Our storytelling is driven by enthusiasm, decisiveness and commitment. a’Dhoré stands for an inspiring acceleration for development.

Part of a’Dhoré success is that we are a small company dedicated to find sustainable creative solutions for companies that focus on improving their operation.

Founded and led by Arsha Dhore, work & organizational psychologist, educationalist, and Black Belt trainer/facilitator with a broad expertise on (HR) business operation. Enthusiasm and inquisitiveness for my work is reflected in the several amazing jobs I have performed over the last 25 years. Together with an  experienced and professional team I can provide customized solutions and do slightly more for my clients.

Small team, Big impact
Like with small business, it’s impossible for me to compete with the big ones. So I don’t. I compete with myself, every day, to always put my best services and qualities forward. To improve efficacy with each business processing cycle and to provide a stellar customer experience from start to finish.

Read on to how our journey started.